Get Behind the Wheel With the Mattel Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile!


“Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed… ready to move out!” The new Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile by Mattel is the most accurate replica of the 1960s Batmobile that I’ve ever seen! Every detail from the classic car is carefully recreated in this stunning collector’s item, from the Batphone on the dashboard to the Gotham City license plates. And the best part of this new Batmobile is this– it’s the first Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile that can fit the standard 6″ Batman action figures!


This Batmobile is excellent for Bat-fans of all ages, and is perfect for play and display alike– its diligent attention to detail (right down to the iconic red Bat-symbol hubcaps) will wow the young and young at heart, those who grew up with Adam West’s Batman and those who are discovering the series for the first time. It’s a wonderful addition to any Batman collection– it’s sure found a special place in mine!


You can check out our gallery below for a better look at the Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile by Mattel, including close-ups on the box and details of the car. And keep an eye out for this and more Batman Classic TV Series Mattel figures at your local toy shop, and wherever toys are sold!


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