Last Minute Bat-fan Gift Guide!

The holiday season can be a stressful and confusing time for many, especially if you’re buying presents for someone who’s a huge fan of Batman! All sorts of questions can come to mind, but first and foremost is almost always: how do I pick out something I know they don’t have? Never fear, Bat-fans and Bat-fan gift-buyers– we’ve got you covered with this handy list of some of the best Batman products you can find this holiday season!

IMG_9495Batman Classic TV Series Grand Heritage Batman Costume

Holy cosplay, Batman! This ode to the Classic Batman TV Series of the 1960s will have any Bat-fan doing the Batusi with joy! Available at, the costume comes with everything you see here– a gray jumpsuit with matching blue briefs, gloves, boot covers, and cape, a fantastically-built replica utility belt, and of course, Batman’s signature cowl to pull it all together. Channel Batman legend Adam West in style with this high-quality Grand Heritage Batman Costume!

Batman the Animated Series Femme Fatales Batgirl and Harley Quinn

 Based on the classic character design of Bruce Timm from Batman the Animated Series, these Femme Fatales statues from Diamond Select Toys bring the iconic characters of Batgirl and Harley Quinn to life in your home! These brand new 9″ PVC statues make a perfect addition to any collector’s lineup, alongside the previously-released Femme Fatales Supergirl and Poison Ivy! You can find both Batgirl and Harley Quinn at Diamond Select’s site, and at your local comic shop! And stay tuned to From the Batcave for a more detailed review coming soon!


Rory’s Story Cubes Batman

Create your own Batman story with Rory’s Story Cubes Batman! Is Commisioner Gordon in danger? Perhaps there’s a bomb at the docks! And who’s behind it all– Two-Face? The Riddler? Roll the story cubes and let your imagination fly free to create your ultimate Batman tale! A great stocking stuffer, Rory’s Story Cubes Batman are available directly through the Rory’s Story Cubes site, on Amazon, and at your local comic shop or specialty store.


Gotham TV Series James Gordon Statue

Attention all Gothamites! If you or someone you know loves the TV series Gotham as much as we do, then we’ve got the perfect gift idea for you– the Gotham TV Series James Gordon Statue by DC Collectibles! Standing at approximately 13 inches tall and based on the character’s appearance in season 1 of the show, this statue would surely be a welcome addition to any Gothamite or Bat-fan’s collection! You can find it through the DC Collectibles site, or at your local comic shop. And stay tuned to From the Batcave for a more detailed review coming soon!

Comic Images Batman Super Deformed Plush and Backpack Buddy

Bring a soft and cuddly Batman into your life in two different styles with the Batman Super Deformed Plush and Batman Backpack Buddy by Comic Images! The Super Deformed Plush is a cute 7 inch plush that will provide a great accent to any collection, while the Batman Backpack Buddy will have your back when carrying books, toys, and more to conventions, school, and other functions! Both the Batman Super Deformed Plush and the Batman Backpack Buddy are available through Entertainment Earth.


Batman Arkham Universe: The Ultimate Visual Guide

The best pick for any fan of Rocksteady and WB’s Arkham video game franchise, Batman Arkham Universe: The Ultimate Visual Guide features author Matthew K. Manning’s exploration of the games’ world. In Arkham Universe by DK Books, Manning offers a detailed look at the key elements of Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, Arkham Origins, and the brand new Arkham Knight— from characters and locations to weapons, gadgets, equipment, and more, if it’s in the Arkham games, it’s got a description in Arkham Universe! You can find Arkham Universe through DK’s site, Amazon, and more. And stay tuned to From the Batcave for a more detailed review (including an interview with Matthew K. Manning himself!) coming soon!


Batman 3-D Motion Clock

Foil the Clock King’s sinister plans (and keep track of the time in style) with the Batman 3-D Motion Clock by NJCroce! Measuring in at 14″ tall, this awesome interpretation of the Caped Crusader will be sure to brighten up any Bat-fan’s day with its cool pendulum action. Batman’s arms and legs swing in time, providing an awesome addition to the clock’s already fun design. The Batman 3-D Motion Clock is available on Entertainment Earth, Amazon, and more!

Batman Bendable Figures

Biff! Bam! Pow! Revisit your childhood and recreate some of your favorite Batman scenes with these Batman Bendable Figures from NJCroce! Available separately like the solo comic book Batman Bendable Figure on the right or as a package set like the Batman Classic TV Series collection (featuring The Penguin, The Joker, Catwoman, and of course the Dynamic Duo themselves– Batman and Robin!), these figures are great for play and display alike! You can ind them through NJCroce’s Amazon page.

SD Toys Batmobile Modeling Kits

Build the Batmobile your way! Whether your favorite Batmobile is the 1989 Tim Burton/Michael Keaton Batmobile from the film Batman, the 1966 Adam West Batmobile from the Batman Classic TV Series, or maybe even a Batmobile of your own design, Spanish toy and collectibles company SD Toys has you covered! SD Toys has created two metal Batmobile modeling kits (based on the ’89 and ’66 Batmobiles) through their 3D Universe line, and a dough modeling kit based on a classic comic book Batmobile you can customize yourself through their Do It Yourself! Line, so no matter what your preference or budget, you can give the gift of a creatively-built Batmobile this holiday season! The metal Batmobile kits are available through Midtown Comics, and you can find the Do It Yourself kit on Entertainment Earth. And stay tuned to From the Batcave for a more detailed review coming soon!

We hope this list has helped you pick some wonderful gifts for the Bat-fan in your life– for more Batman fun, as always, be sure to come back to From the Batcave! Happy Holidays!


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