Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile Metal Bottle Opener Review

IMG_1686What defines “The Batmobile” to you? For some, the Batmobile is Tim Burton’s slick black gothic speedster, while for others it’s the military-esque Tumbler of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Still, for a generation hooked on a Batman that “Biff”-s, “Bam”-s, and “Pow”-s villains with characteristic aplomb, there’s only one atomic battery-powered ride that can hold the honor of being called the Batmobile.

Now, the iconic Batmobile design from the Batman Classic TV Series of the 60s has been immortalized by collectibles company Diamond Select Toys like never before– as a unique 3D metal bottle opener! The Batmobile marks the third and final (for now!) entry in a series of metal bottle openers based on the show, which has previously included the TV show’s logo and a detailed replica of the show’s Batarang, and  joins long pedigrees of both metal bottle openers and Batman Classic TV Series products by Diamond Select.

The Batmobile Metal Bottle Opener is a brilliant replica of the Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile, featuring an incredible amount of detail– a faithful replica down to the Bat-signals on the tires! Unlike the previous bottle openers based on the 60s Batman show, this one is a full 3D sculpt, making it a neat metal collectible of the Batmobile as well! It also features two magnets on its back side, so you can attach it to your fridge or any other magnetic surface and have Batmobile Bottle Opener ready to go at a moment’s notice whenever you need it. It’s a great choice for fans of the Batman Classic TV Series and Bat-fans in general– whether you’re an avid collector or just a fan looking for a cool and well-made piece of 1960s Batman memorabilia, this one’s for you! This is by far my favorite out of the three Batman Classic TV Series Bottle Openers that DST has released so far. Check out the gallery below for a better look!

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