Gotham S1E05– “Viper” : First Impressions


I promise this is the last time we change the “First Impressions” logo (for a while at least)… I think I’m finally comfortable with it. Moving on to actual “First Impressions” business (as always, watch out for ALL THE SPOILERS)…

  • So we can put this Fish and Liza subplot to rest (sort of) it’s clear after this episode that Fish is planning to simply set Liza on a crash course with Falcone, and have her become a mole (or worse) within his operation. In fact, the last moments of the episode show her doing just that, though they bring up a few more questions, for me at least. Namely, how does Mooney know so much about Falcone’s history? She couldn’t have been around long enough to know details like what Falcone’s mother looked like firsthand (or the song she used to sing to him), and Carmine Falcone doesn’t seem the type to just reveal that information freely. Either Mooney had to dig very deep to find all of this out or, pardon the pun, this feels a bit fishy.  
  • Viper. I’ll be honest– going into this episode, I thought somehow “Viper” was going to be Liza’s codename or something similar. What I should have seen coming (and realized as soon as they revealed the drug’s name) is that Viper was a bottled green liquid mega-drug that was a prototype for Venom. That’s right, ladies and gents, though I spent the first half or so pegging the mystery drug as any stimulant in the Bat-verse from Joker Juice to Fear Toxin, somehow I didn’t connect that maybe it just was Venom. (To my credit, I did get close, but alas.) Anyway, as I pointed out earlier on Twitter, using Viper as a pre-Venom was a great way to include some hints forward at Bane without shoving the character in the audience’s face. People who complained about the pilot, take notice.
  • The Iceberg Lounge? I’m hoping that’s the eventual fate of the casino that Penguin helps Maroni take from Falcone in this episode. After all, our old friend Cobblepot’s got to run the Iceberg eventually, so why not get some casino management skills in early while he’s still under Maroni? Surely he deserves another promotion soon…
  • Is Bruce onto something? We didn’t touch on it much here, but in “Arkham,” Bruce was looking for a connection between his parents’ murders and the Arkham land deal, and this episode we saw him gain some ground on the matter. Could Wayne Enterprises be tied up in the death of the Waynes?
  • We’ve got a lot up in the air. As I said in the “Arkham” full review, I’m glad to see Gotham reaching toward big multiple-episode arcs as opposed to wrapping everything (or mostly everything) up in a neat bow as it did toward the beginning. Particularly in this case we have some dangling threads in the Fish/Liza/Falcone department (as I said back in point 1), between Barbara, Gordon, and Montoya, and Bruce’s ongoing search for the reason behind his parents’ deaths (to name a few.) There’s quite a bit going on in Gotham nowadays, and it gives the show some extra vigor to give some characters breathing room and pop in on their plotlines as necessary. (Admittedly, it’s also very comic book-y…)

That’s all we’ve got for this week (at least, as far as initial ideas go)– but check back tomorrow as we expand upon these points (and more) in our detailed Gotham S1E05– “Viper”: Full Review!

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