Gotham S1E03– “The Balloonman”: First Impressions

GOTHAM First Impressions

First of all, a warm welcome to the new “Gotham: First Impressions” image above, as promised in last week’s First Impressions (I know it still needs some polish, but we still have weeks to grow!)  Anyway, with the latest Gotham fresh in our minds, we’re here once again to share our first impressions. Here’s our feelings on episode 3 of Gotham:

  • I think we’ll be seeing Professor Pyg soon enough. In order to fulfill what we saw in the Season 1 Trailer, the villainous Professor Pyg should be making his first appearance on Gotham sometime soon. But that’s not the only basis for my hunch. You see, the leading theory is (given that Pyg’s real name is Lazlo Valentin) that the waiter named Lazlo who works for Fish is/will become Pyg. That dovetails perfectly with the beating we saw him get from Falcone last week and Fish’s orders to “get rid of Lazlo” this week. Something will probably go wrong in her attempt, and there’ll be another Gotham madman looking for her head. Speaking of which…
  • Penguin’s back in Gotham!!! The beginning of this episode saw Cobblepot’s brief leave from the city ended (quite murderously) as he killed his way back home, and found a job working for a crooked restaurant under the thumb of mob boss Sal Maroni. I’m incredibly interested in how Penguin will use his new connection to Maroni (Fish and Falcone’s #1 rival) to manipulate his way to the top in Gotham. Only time will tell.

    Also on the Penguin front (I should really count this for two) what’s he up to with Gordon?!? For those of you who haven’t caught the episode yet, I’ll say no more.

  • While we’re on Gordon, though, Barbara. We finally get some questions answered (though a whole ton of new drama crops up) surrounding Barbara and Montoya. Turns out they were in a relationship before Babs was with Gordon (and one that was serious enough for Montoya to get a key to the apartment… I’m figuring that’ll come up again later) and that Montoya is harboring some jealousy for Jim. Hopefully we’ll see this come to a head soon (and even more hopefully, it’ll resolve amicably, because I really don’t like seeing Allen and Montoya as enemies of Gordon. Y’all are supposed to be friends because you’re honest cops– figure that out!)
  • Arkham. Things are starting to heat up in regard to the old asylum, though just how we really can’t be sure yet. Both Falcone and Maroni have made reference to Arkham, so potentially they’re vying for the territory… though it seems Mayor Aubrey James has designs for the place as well! Thankfully, next week’s episode is titled Arkham Asylum, so hopefully we’ll be getting some answers, as well as a glimpse at the famous bat-locale! Which brings me to my final point for this week’s First Impressions:
  • Bruce is getting some strong hints for the future. Moreso in this episode than in any before, we see Bruce acting like the little Batman he is. (Or the big Batman he’ll one day become. Whichever you prefer.) We see him learning to fence with Alfred, refusing meals because he’s looking for clues, and most importantly, learning/reasserting that even if someone kills with good intentions, they’re no better than any other criminal. While some may say it’s a bit premature for Bruce to be learning and doing all of these Batman-esque things, I disagree. He made the vow the night his parents died, and even though he may not be able to do much actual Batman-ing in the timeframe of Gotham, he’s definitely getting ready. After all, it’s not as though he just sat around moping for ten-fifteen years and then suddenly decided to go and train to become Batman! It’s always been in him, and so I welcome some clips of little Bruce learning the very basics and getting his mindset in order.

That’s all we’ve got for this week (at least, as far as initial ideas go)– but check back tomorrow as we expand upon these points (and more) in our detailed Gotham S1E03– “Balloonman”: Full Review!

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