Gotham S1E02– “Selina Kyle”: First Impressions



Another week, another new episode of Gotham— I could get used to this! (Sorry about the re-used image from last week– we’ll have a new graphic up for S1E03, I promise.) Anyway, with the latest Gotham fresh in our minds, we’re here once again to share our first impressions. Here’s our feelings on episode 2 of Gotham:

  • This week’s all about the Cat and the Penguin: top marks to Camren Bicondova and Robin Lord Taylor for absolutely acing their roles this week, though I must admit neither was a surprise. Bicondova and Taylor both showed their chops last week as well– and with “Selina Kyle” as the title of the episode, if we didn’t get a good performance from the Cat herself, it would’ve been a mess. That said, for such a young actress, Camren Bicondova excels, and holds her own splendidly against the denizens of Gotham.
  • DOLLMAKER. In this episode we came face to face with two kidnappers snatching up homeless children of Gotham with the intent to sell them to a mysterious (and apparently very demanding) slave trader. His name? The Dollmaker. For those of you who aren’t caught up on your comics (don’t worry, it’s not a crime… we still love you!) Dollmaker is a more esoteric Batman foe introduced by Tony Daniel in Detective Comics at the beginning of the New 52. While his most famous act is removing the Joker’s face, the Dollmaker is a gifted surgeon in general, and has utilized dolls in various unsettling capacities in his villainous schemes.
  • Arkham Asylum Several references to Arkham are made in this week’s episode, from the origin of the drug used on the kids to the suggestion that the Wayne Foundation was planning to reopen the asylum (a plan clearly put on hold by Thomas and Martha’s murder.) While exciting on its own, all this chatter about Arkham is also good news given that Gotham‘s fourth episode is titled Arkham Asylum– we’ll almost definitely be getting some more info on Gotham’s most famous “correctional facility” then.
  • Penguin on the Move Oswald Cobblepot may be far from Gotham right now, but it’s clear that (as he promises to his “new friends” in the truck), he’ll be back– “stronger and smarter than ever.” Sounds like a terrifying promise, and one I can’t wait to see fulfilled. Speaking of promises it’ll be thrilling for Gotham to bring to fruition…
  • Fish is on the Warpath she’s painted a target on Falcone, and while she’s going to “play it loyal” before taking him down, it’ll be interesting to see just how far she gets before either Falcone catches on and does something about it or Cobblepot returns.

That’s all we’ve got for this week (at least, as far as initial ideas go)– but check back tomorrow as we expand upon these points (and more) in our detailed Gotham S1E02– “Selina Kyle”: Full Review!

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