NYTF 2016: Factory Entertainment

With a great pedigree of products from last year’s New York Toy Fair and excellent New York Comic-Con features like the Batman & Robin Monolith and the Birth of the Joker Premium Motion Statue, Factory Entertainment was one of our more highly-anticipated booths at NYTF 2016. I’m proud to report that they not only met our expectations– they blew them away! There were plenty of excellent collectibles we can’t wait to share with you, so read on to see our highlights:

Justice League Monolith: The Original Seven


Designed by legendary comic-book artist Alex Ross, this limited edition piece features the original seven members of the Justice League in Factory Entertainment’s iconic Monolith style. The format is beautiful for Ross’s art, and while we only got a look at a prototype at NYTF this year, I’m sure that the finished product will be nothing short of spectacular.

Ame-Comi Premium Motion Statues

Expanding on the line of DC Comics Premium Motion Statues, the latest motion statues show off the heroines and villainesses of DC’s Ame-Comi Girls franchise. The figures stand at 10 inches tall and continue to uphold the high quality one expects from Factory Entertainment’s Premium Motion Statues, infused with Manga Comic inspiration.

SWAT Plush Weapon Replicas

Factory Entertainment’s first foray into plush DC collectibles looks excellent! An expansion of the company’s SWAT line (standing for Soft Weapons and Tactics), these prop replicas are rigid enough to be used for roleplay and cosplay, but also soft enough that they won’t cause any harm (or get confiscated by convention security!) As of right now, Factory Entertainment’s SWAT/DC crossover is only on Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice products, but stay tuned for some announcements about additional DC licenses coming soon!

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