Holy Monolith, Batman! Factory Entertainment Debuts New Line Featuring Batman ’66


If you’re a fan of the pop culture staple that is the Classic Batman TV Series of the 60’s, then Factory Entertainment has just the collectible for you! They’ve created a new line called “Monoliths”– Mount Rushmore-esque tributes to classic characters, scenes, and teams built to perfectly fit on your desk or bookshelf– and they’re starting the line off with a “Bang!”, “Pow!,” “Crash!,” (and presumably more fight sound effects!) That’s right, the first Monolith available features none other than the Dynamic Duo themselves, Batman and Robin (as portrayed by Adam West and Burt Ward)!

Available now at Factory Entertainment’s site for $59.99, the Dynamic Duo Monolith celebrates the heroes of the classic series by immortalizing them in stone, capturing their brave likenesses perfectly (in incredible detail, as you can see in the photos above) as they stare danger in the face together and strike fear into the hearts of any criminals who try to wrong Gotham City. The sculpture is crafted out of durable, high-quality polystone, and each is individually finished in a granite tone. Each Monolith out of the limited set of 2500 is individually numbered, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

In addition to the standard grey stone-themed Dynamic Duo Monolith, this year at New York Comic-Con and San Diego Comic-Con, Factory Entertainment offered a special convention variant edition of the sculpture. Echoing the revolutionary Technicolor explosion that was the Batman Classic TV Series, the limited variant features the Caped Crusader and his young ward in full color, adding a unique and vivid spin to this already impeccable piece. The NYCC/SDCC color Monolith variant is limited to 200 pieces, and was available at both conventions for $75.00. Limited quantities are also available through Factory Entertainment’s website.

Both the standard and color Dynamic Duo Monoliths are a brilliant celebration of the 1960’s Batman Classic TV Series, and a testament to the impact of Adam West and Burt Ward’s timeless performances in the show. Either (or both!) of these Monoliths would be right at home on the desk or shelf of any Bat-fan or collector– if you love the iconic show, these are a must-have!

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