Survive Your Next Convention with SuperHeroStuff’s Batman Distressed Symbol Backpack!


As you surely know, last weekend we had the pleasure of attending New York Comic-Con. As with any convention, there was naturally a ton of merchandise to check out– comics, posters, t-shirts, action figures, buttons, and the list goes on. But after a few hours on the show floor, all of the paraphernalia you end up acquiring (between giveaways and purchases) starts to build up, and you’ve got to have a place to put it all. Thankfully for us, SuperHeroStuff’s Batman Distressed Symbol Backpack was there to save the day!

With a stylish look celebrating the Dark Knight himself and the ability to hold all of your convention loot in its 16″ by 13″ frame, this backpack is a true hero! Its comfortable straps will make the weight of your comics, figures, and other superhero stuff feel like nothing, effectively giving you the super strength you always wished you had– no League of Shadows training required!

It’s also super convenient for your non-convention needs– it’ll easily hold most laptops, tablets, textbooks, folders, and other essential school or business items. The Batman Distressed Symbol Backpack is a durable and dedicated bag, and will keep your stuff as safe and protected as Gotham City under Batman’s watchful eye– and at only $35, it’s a great value. You can find this awesome Batman backpack and more based off the Caped Crusader at!

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