“Gotham” MiniMates SDCC Exclusive “Fateful Meeting” 2-Pack Review


This year at San Diego Comic-Con, Diamond Select Toys premiered their Gotham line of products in style with two exclusives– the “Roughed Up” Penguin Gotham Select figure, and the “Fateful Meeting” Gotham MiniMates 2-Pack. Both items made a return or New York Comic-Con last week, shortly ahead of Diamond’s upcoming Gotham MiniMates and Select figures, and as such we were lucky enough to take home one of each! You can read our review of the “Roughed Up” Penguin here, but for now let’s talk MiniMates!


The “Fateful Meeting” 2-Pack features Gotham star characters Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon as they appeared “Before the Legend” on the fateful night when Bruce’s parents were murdered in Crime Alley. The set features both characters in the classic 2-inch MiniMates style, with 14 points of articulation on each figure and a variety of accessories and interchangeable parts. Gordon comes with his pistol and GCPD badge (with an alternate hand attached to the badge so he can hold it more accurately), while Bruce features an alternate pair of hands covered in blood and an alternate screaming head, to re-create the iconic pose where the future Batman bemoans the loss of his parents. These MiniMates definitely live up to the quality of previous MiniMates sets by Diamond Select Toys, and bode well for the upcoming Gotham Minimates Box Sets (and don’t fret if you missed the 2-Pack… Jim and Bruce will be available in the box sets, albeit in a slightly different style)!

For more about New York Comic-Con, be sure to check out our NYCC preview post, and get your news and reviews about all kinds of Bat-media right here From the Batcave! And keep an eye out for more Diamond Select Toys highlights– we’ll be featuring their Gotham Select “Roughed Up” Penguin figure, Batman: The Animated Series busts, Gotham MiniMates, and a special look at their upcoming products from GothamBatman Classic TV Series, and Batman: The Animated Series direct from their NYCC booth!

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