Protect Bludhaven and Gotham in Style With SuperHeroStuff’s Nightwing Apparel!


When Batman’s young ward Dick Grayson outgrew the mantle of Robin, he struck out on his own with a new superhero identity and a new style– as Nightwing! Now you can show off your own style and support your favorite Bat-family member, with this cool pair of apparel items from SuperHeroStuff!


First up, the Nightwing T-Shirt features Nightwing’s iconic symbol in pre-New 52 blue so you can represent your favorite hero at conventions, your local comic shop, the rooftops of Bludhaven (just kidding!) or wherever you choose! The shirt is made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, and is available in sizes Small through 4XL. It’s a super comfortable fit, and a perfect rendition of the Nightwing symbol that adorns Dick Grayson’s costume in the comics. You can order your own through SuperHeroStuff by clicking right here.


Up next, the Nightwing Beanie also features Nightwing’s classic comic symbol in blue, albeit a more sharply-angled version of the logo. It’s centered well on the hat, and is a great size– large enough to be noticeable, but not oddly placed or oversized. The logo is affixed firmly in the center of the hat, but does not sit flush with it; that said, it’s exactly what you would expect with this type of design, in the best of ways. The beanie is designed by respected hat company New Era, and is incredibly comfortable and warm. If you’re a Nightwing fan looking for a quality hat to keep you cozy in the coming winter, this is definitely the one for you! It’s available as a one size fits all cap, and you can get yours through SuperHeroStuff by clicking right here.

You can find these awesome Nightwing products and more based off Batman’s #1 protege at!

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