Beat “Arkham Knight” in Style With the Arkham Knight Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide!

IMG_3548Whether you were lucky enough to pick up Batman Arkham Knight on sale for Batman Day this past Saturday or you’re an avid fan who grabbed the game on release, chances are you probably need a little help perfecting your playthrough. From the main story to beating all of the Most Wanted Missions and collecting the Riddler Trophies so you can achieve that perfect 100% Knightfall ending, the Arkham Knight Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide has got you covered!

The guide features a detailed breakdown of the entire game, leading you step by step through the conclusion of Rocksteady Games’ Arkham Trilogy You’ll have no problem foiling Scarecrow’s scheme, tackling tricky AR Challenges and Side Missions, outsmarting the Riddler, and uncovering the identity of the mysterious Arkham Knight himself!

The Batman Arkham Knight Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide also includes four foil-stamped lithographs. Showcasing Batman, the Batmobile, Scarecrow, and the Arkham Knight, these high-quality prints are available exclusively in conjunction with the Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide. They’re an awesome addition to any Bat-fan’s collection!

As a final bonus, the Arkham Knight Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide gives you access to a digital version of the guide (for a mobile-friendly second screen experience) and a glimpse at Matthew K. Manning’s Batman Arkham Universe: The Ultimate Visual Guide, an encyclopedia-esque guidebook in the vein of Manning’s Batman: A Visual History.

If you love the Arkham series, can’t seem to find those last few Riddler Trophies, are looking to perfect your Arkham Knight playthrough, or just want a finely-crafted and visually impressive Arkham Knight hardcover, the Batman Arkham Knight Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide is the one for you!

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