Take Some Candy From The Joker (If You Dare)!

IMG_2062Between wave after wave of Jared Leto’s new look for Suicide Squad making headlines and the recent (and breathtaking!) conclusion of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Endgame arc in the flagship Batman comic series, the Joker has been everywhere lately! So why not bring the Clown Prince of Crime into your home?

We’re not talking about the Joker himself, of course– inviting him in wouldn’t be a good idea for anybody! But the Joker Candy Holder however, available through Birthday in a Box, is a different story. This 18″ tall statue of the iconic character carrying a candy bowl will surely put a smile on anyone’s face, particularly the Bat-fans at your next party or get-together!

Its sturdy build and detailed re-creation of the Joker’s classic look (complete with purple suit, dangerous lapel flower, and more) make the Joker Candy Holder capable of becoming a staple of not only your parties and gatherings, but of your everyday life too! Stand him up in the kitchen for use as a fruit or bread bowl, or maybe fill his plate with mints and give the Joker a place beside your door so you remember to always keep your smile fresh!

The Joker Candy Holder is a great addition to any Bat-fan’s stable of collectibles (with the added perk of serving– quite literally– an extra purpose around the house) or even to more casual Bat-fans’ Halloween/Batman party setup. While taking candy from the Joker would usually involve a deadly trick, I promise you that with this one, you’re in for nothing but treats!

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