Batman Classic TV Series Joker Vinyl Bust Bank Review


Would you trust the Joker with your cash? Laugh all the way to the bank with one of the most iconic characters from the Batman Classic TV Series– thanks to the new Joker vinyl bust bank by Diamond Select Toys! This collectible rendition of the Clown Prince of Crime himself has the detailed sculpting and paint of a high-end collector’s item, but at $22.99, it’s certainly a steal!

The bank features a dedication to every detail of Cesar Romero’s classic performance  as the Joker– from the buttons on his jacket to the flower on his lapel and (of course) his trademark facepaint-covered moustache! It’s also incredibly useful, with the fearsome foe serving double duty as a functional savings bank and a neat display item.


Available now in comic shops and specialty shops, these Batman Classic TV Series Joker vinyl bust bank is the perfect savings tool for any Bat-fan, particularly those who love the iconic Batman of the ’60s. Get yours today– and keep an eye out for the rest of the collection, featuring none other than the Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder, Batman and Robin!


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