Diamond Select Classic Batman TV Series Riddler Bust Review


Riddle me this, Bat-fans: where can you get a well-crafted, detailed collectible of Frank Gorshin as The Riddler? Now the answer is “at your local comic book shop,” thanks to Diamond Select Toys’ new Batman Classic TV Series Riddler Bust!


The latest in DST’s line of Batman Classic TV Series busts, this highly-detailed 6-inch resin bust features an intricate look at the Count of Conundrums himself, Frank Gorshin’s take on The Riddler! From his mask to his manic grin to the very folds of his bright green suit, there is no detail of the Riddler’s classic appearance left out of this bust.


Continuing in the tradition of the Batman, Robin, and Joker busts is the Gotham skyline base, complete with a look at the Bat-signal filling the sky (which should leave this ponderous puzzler paralyzed in dread)!


The great attention to detail on this figure can be seen on the back of the Riddler’s suit as well as on his sleeves and gloves, which are dutifully replicated down to every last button.

Also similar to the previous entries in the collection, the Riddler bust is part of a numbered limited edition of 3000, with the specific number out of 3000 printed on each collectible’s base, box, and on an enclosed certificate of authenticity.

The Classic TV Series Riddler Bust, available now for a retail price of $60, is a fantastic addition to any collector’s ranks. Also, keep an eye out for the next installments in this ongoing collection, including Penguin, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Batgirl, Egghead, and Batusi Batman!


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