#NYTF Booth Showcase: DC Collectibles

If you’re looking for great Batman toys and collectibles from New York Toy Fair 2015, why not go straight to the source? After all, nobody’s going to make Batman memorabilia like the people who make Batman! With that in mind, come along with us for a virtual look at DC Collectibles’ NYTF 2015 booth!

I’ll admit I’ve got a soft spot for Fox’s Gotham, so I was thrilled to see that DC will soon be releasing collectibles based on the show. For the high-end collector, there’s a resin statue featuring Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon, while cosplay enthusiasts and replica collectors will surely be excited by the GCPD police badge. You can expect the badge on shelves this May, while Gordon is set to release in November.

When it comes to the Batman: Black & White line, the breakout star of NYTF 2015 was Harley Quinn, based on Paul Dini’s original sketches for the character. That said, Carlos Danda’s Scarecrow and Batman statues are impressive as well, and it’s great to see Babs Tarr and Cameron Stewart’s new take on Batgirl already getting some recognition! All five statues will be available before the fall, with Batgirl and the Bryan Hitch Batman in particular releasing this August.

Remaining on DC’s statue lines, the DC Comics Bombshells line continues with statues based on Batwoman, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn/The Joker. The statues will be available in September, October, and November, respectively.

Finally, we got a look at the next wave of Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures action figures, including the first-ever Batmobile scaled for 6’’ action figures inspired by Batman: The Animated Series. The figures look fantastic, and the Batmobile in particular is an incredible addition to the set.

For more from DC Collectibles, check out the gallery below (particularly for a look at the new Arkham Knight figures, a glimpse at the DC Comics Cover Girls Statues, and more!) And stay tuned for more from New York Toy Fair 2015!

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