#NYTF Booth Showcase: Funko

While there was certainly plenty to see at New York Toy Fair 2015, one of the best booths for Bat-fans was undoubtedly Funko. Known primarily for their line of POP! figures (like the one that centered December 2014’s Loot Crate), Funko also is behind Wacky Wobblers bobbleheads, Mystery Minis blind box figures, and new lines like Fabrikations, Vinyl³, Mopeez, Dorbz, and Vinyl Vixens. There was no shortage of Batman at Funko’s booth this year, and have no fear, citizens– we’re going to take you on a virtual tour of all the Funko products featuring the Bat-family!

We’ll start with the aforementioned POP! figures, particularly a treat for fans of the Arkham video game series. Ripped straight from the hallways of Arkham Asylum come Funko’s vinyl POP! figures of Poison Ivy and Killer Croc. Staples of the first game in the award-winning franchise, of Ivy and Croc are faithfully re-created in POP!’s signature style– a must-have for people who love the video games as well as collectors trying to complete the set that began in 2014.

Up next are DC superheroes (and supervillains!) from Funko’s new line of Mopeez mini-plush. The designs are meant to evoke your favorite heroes and villains on their worst day (hence the less-than-cheery expressions) and will be available later this year.

On a happier note, enter Funko sub-brand Vinyl Sugar’s new line of Dorbz, smaller vinyl figures showcasing cute little grinning heroes and villains. The Batman presence in this line is expansive and impressive– Dorbz is set to feature twelve different Batman characters in its first wave of production (as well as two oversize figures of the Dynamic Duo themselves.)

Also from Vinyl Sugar are the new Vinyl Vixens, a line of vinyl statues featuring comic book heroines and villainesses like the Gotham City Sirens pictured above: Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy! The figures are incredibly detailed (check out the diamonds on Harley or some of Ivy’s leaves and vines if you don’t believe me) and will be an excellent addition to any collection!

From Fabrikations to Wacky Wobblers, Mystery Minis, and more, there was a ton of Bat-stuff to check out from Funko at New York Toy Fair 2015! For a look at more of the exciting products that were on display at Funko’s NYTF booth, check out the gallery below.

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