Get Inside the Caped Crusader’s Head With “The World According to Batman”!

IMG_0885Though Bat-fans across the world have read countless tales of their hero’s daring deeds, seen films detailing his triumphs and losses, and played video games that put them directly into the cape and cowl, rarely do we get a glimpse inside the mind of the Dark Knight. That’s about to change.

Thanks to author Daniel Wallace (DC Comics Super-Villains: The Complete Visual HistoryThe Joker: A Visual History of the Clown Prince of Crime) and illustrators (Flashpoint: Reverse Flash, Gears of War) and Beth Sotelo (Brightest Day, Supergirl), readers can take a look at how Batman himself views his crusade against crime. From Batman’s gear to his Batmobile designs, villain dossiers, and even sidekick choices throughout the years, there’s tons of information for fans to enjoy like never before!

As part of the Insight Legends Series, The World According to Batman is a paragon of the series’ trademark immersion– it’s packed with tons of interactive materials like Robin’s mask, Bruce Wayne’s business card, a riddle card directly from the Riddler, a collectible 11″ by 11″ poster, and more!

IMG_0886The World According to Batman is a perfect follow-up to the look into the mind of the Clown Prince of Crime we got in The World According to The Joker, and perfectly encapsulates the most iconic elements of Batman’s 75-year-long history in a fun and entertaining way. It’s a must-have for Batman fans, comic book lovers, and collectors alike! The book is available now for $24.95 anywhere books are sold.

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