Batman Eternal Volume 1 Review



Batman Eternal is a weekly series following the exploits of Batman and his allies as they attempt to thwart a massive plot to overturn order in Gotham City, incorporating tons of Batman’s friends and foes alike. Helmed by Batman writer Scott SnyderBatman Eternal began in April 2014, and also features the work of talented authors and artists like Kyle Higgins, James Tynion IV, Derek Fridlofs, Dustin Nguyen, Ray Fawkes, and Tim Seeley.

Yesterday, DC released the first volume of Batman Eternal, which collects issues #1-21 of the series. If you haven’t read up on Eternal yet, or you’re a collector of DC’s hardcovers like me, then this is a perfect opportunity to get your hands on the first half of the title (with volume 2 slated to release this summer.) It’s certainly not a Batman arc to miss, so if you haven’t read it yet, now’s your chance! [MILD SPOILERS AHEAD]

The series kicks off with a bang as Jim Gordon is arrested and sent to Blackgate Prison for inadvertently causing a train collision, with Batman and his allies (particularly Batgirl, for obvious reasons) struggling to exonerate Gordon from the outside. This proves more difficult than anyone could have expected, however, as a slew of Batman’s greatest foes begin to appear out of the woodwork to get in the Dark Knight’s way. Gordon’s fall from grace, it seems, was only the opening move in a war game that stretches further than Batman himself can fathom. Between the masterful storytelling of Scott Snyder and his associates, the New 52 debut of some fantastic Batman villains and allies (including one or two of my favorites, whom I won’t mention so I don’t venture into spoiler territory), the introduction of a few new characters, and some incredible art, Batman Eternal is an ambitious endeavor, no doubt, but it’s one that pays off wonderfully. Batman Eternal is a journey that any die-hard Bat-fan will definitely want to be a part of– and there’s no better time than the present to get on board.

Batman Eternal Volume 1 is available now for $39.99 wherever books are sold.

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DISCLOSURE: A copy of Batman Eternal Volume 1 was provided by DC Comics to aid in this review. No compensation was given for this review. For more information, contact Louis Sullivan at

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