Gotham S1E03– “Balloonman” FULL REVIEW

The Balloonman strikes again!

The Balloonman strikes again!

Just because we’ve been busy this week with New York Comic-Con (check out our Gotham interviews here!) doesn’t mean that you guys don’t get a review of the latest Gotham! (Though, due to obvious time constraints, it’s going to be a bit abbreviated.) “Balloonman” has been my favorite episode so far: the pacing finally feels like what I’d been hoping for since the pilot (with a bit more equal balance between the plotlines than we’d seen before), and the action is pretty gripping. And that cliffhanger!! Don’t even get me started on the Killing Joke allusion it made (in a good way, I promise.)

I can’t wait for tonight’s episode when hopefully we’ll see some of episode 3’s dangling threads pay off (particularly Penguin, a weekly favorite, and Arkham, which has been teased for practically all three episodes now.) Ultimately, I loved “Balloonman” (the episode, not the guy), and I’m quite excited to see if/how “Arkham” can follow it. For a review that’s a bit more detailed, feel free to check out what I wrote earlier in the week for Dark Knight News, and don’t forget to check out the screenshot gallery below!

That’s all for this week– if there’s anything I missed (or that you disagree with) feel free to sound off in the comments or shoot me an e-mail at!

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