#MyRocketShake: Peaches n’ Cream Dream!

photo (2)As part of BloggerBash 2014, we were treated to some delicious shakes and lunch courtesy of Johnny Rockets, and it got me thinking: what would my ideal “Johnny Rockets” shake be? After thinking long and hard, it dawned on me that the perfect idea was (as perfect ideas often are) right in front of me– the home-grown comfort of peaches and cream!


Let me explain. Though my family is from the city, we’ve had a peach tree in our yard from the time I was little. As such, summer has been forever linked in my memory to fresh peaches, peach pies, and the like, but never before had I thought of making a peach milkshake! I had to try it!


So I gathered up some peaches, ample whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, and marshmallows to provide the nice peaches and cream flavor I was looking for, and of course milk (because what’s a milkshake without milk?)


The end result was my very own Peaches n’ Cream Dream milkshake, what I certainly hope will become a delectable summer classic to go hand in hand with the great summer memories my good ol’ peach tree has brought me through the years (and all the ones that are to come!) It’s definitely caught on around here already– my little brother and sister absolutely LOVE it, so it’s 100% kid-approved in addition to being a great treat for adults like me. Check out the recipe for my Peaches n’ Cream Dream below (and feel free to try it yourself!)



2-3 peaches

approx. 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream

1 cup milk (you can use more if you like, but I like my shakes thick, so I err on the side of less milk and more ice cream/peaches)

marshmallows and whipped cream to taste (again, I personally use a LOT)


Combine the ice cream and milk in the blender and mix until smooth.

Repeat with peaches, then marshmallows, then whipped cream.

Pour into your favorite glass or jar and enjoy!

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