E3: Superboy Playable in Lego Batman 3 (Plus More Game Details from Arthur Parsons)


The latest news out of E3 brings us yet another Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham character announcement, and this time it’s Superboy that’ll be joining the game! The new addition was revealed during a live stream from E3, where Game Director Arthur Parsons also dropped some hints and encouraging details about Lego Batman 3 and the future of Lego games as a whole. Check out the highlights below:

On bringing new characters to Lego Batman 3:

  • “We’re going to trawl the vast expanses of the DC character roster”
  • Parsons explained that he loves how the fans interact with TT Developers on social media, and that he was amazed at the amount and variety of new character requests they received. He also said they’re doing their best to make these requests a reality.
  • “It’s all about personality. And that’s something that I’m a big fan of.”

On the new updates to the game:

  • “The number of game mechanics in this is ridiculous.”
  • Parsons explained that there’s so much the developers were able to do with the latest Lego Batman installment because of technological advances: including more Lego onscreen, longer draw distances, better graphics, more diverse mechanics, and the like.
  • “All the suits have been given a facelift.”

On moving forward with Lego and Lego Batman:

  • “The playsets are inspirational, and they inspire us to keep going.”
  • Parsons explained that the developers have an amazing time making the Lego games (he himself has been at TT for over fifteen years!) and as long as people keep loving them and keep wanting to play them, they’ll keep coming
  • No official release date for Lego Batman 3, but “We’re on track to deliver an epic game.”

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