“Arkham Knight is the Most Emotional Game We’ve Made”: New E3 Details from Rocksteady!

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We just got a fresh look at the gameplay trailer from Arkham Knight along with some fresh commentary from Rocksteady Games’ Brand Marketing Producer Dax Ginn. Ginn revealed quite a bit about the game in the E3 Live stream from Twitch just a few minutes ago, including new info about Scarecrow’s appearance, Gotham itself, and how the surprising amount of weaponry on the Batmobile still manages to be non-lethal. Here’s our highlights (with the particularly important points in bold):

On the reimagined image of Scarecrow:

  • “We’ve been working on it for a long time”
  • Started with the last place we saw the character: “Where did he end up in Arkham Asylum?” (He’d been attacked by Killer Croc)
  • “The Killer Croc attack is evident… he’s got visible scars on his arms”

On Gotham City:

  • “We wanted to focus on the verticality of the game world”
  • “Getting Gotham City right is knowing the atmosphere right.. the rain, the clouds”

On the Batmobile:

  • “The Arkham Knight’s forces are unmanned drones and robots” so the Batmobile can unleash on them, but if a human enemy swings a corner and starts coming after Batman, the car “can instantly switch to riot suppressors”
  • “You can call the Batmobile anywhere with the push of a button and it’ll be there in a second”

On Arkham Knight in comparison to Rocksteady’s other work:

  • “We had the opportunity to do three things that most people don’t get to do in their lives: design a new Batsuit, a new Batmobile, and a new villain”
  • “You never can think ‘I’ve just done a great job let’s just cruise from here'”
  • Some people really like the claustrophobia of Arkham Asylum, others the open world atmosphere of Arkham City. “In Arkham Knight, we’re really thinking about ‘How do we combine those two things?'”
  • “Scarecrow’s really the puppet master in all this.”
  • When asked if the villains woud even exist without Batman: “That’s the point that Scarecrow makes there: he [Batman] is the epicenter of all this.”
  • Ginn teases that Jim Gordon, Oracle, and the rest of Batman’s support network will be drawn into the crossfire because of decisions he’s made.
  • Arkham Knight is the most emotional game we’ve made.”

Check out some screenshots from the stream in the gallery below (including a better look at the Scarecrow himself) and be sure to to like From the Batcave on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Tumblr to get the scoop first!

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