Classic ’60s “Batman” TV Cast on Batman Then and Now: “We Were the Bright Knight, the Fun Ones.”

Phoenix Comic-Con this past weekend featured a panel reuniting Classic Batman TV Series stars Adam West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar. You can check out the whole half-hour long panel in the video above, but one of the major highlights of the discussion was getting a glimpse at the trio’s reaction to the modern-day depiction of Batman.

West noted that “We have of course observed the changes, and it’s become dark and gothic and highly explosive in special effects. And Batman kills more people on the way to the rescue than the villains do,” adding quickly that “it’s okay, because they do their thing with a lot of talent and money and attention. We did ours. It was just different. We were the Bright Knight, the fun ones.”

Newmar also weighed in, saying that: “We come from light and funny times in the sixties when there was a lot of hope and we were living in a marvelous world. There was Kennedy. There was great art and everything. And then we have now. And then we had the dark ages. And then we had the dark Batman. And then they had the darker Batman.” She left things on a light note, though, advising: “You want to live a long life? Have fun! Don’t stay in fear, and don’t let anybody scare you.”

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