2 Weeks Until NY Comic Fest– June 14, 2014!

via republicofgeek.com

via republicofgeek.com

In just two weeks, we’ll be headed out to White Plains NY for New York Comic Fest 2014! If you haven’t heard of it, NY Comic Fest is an annual, one-day comic con held at the Westchester County Center. Featuring top-notch guests from the comic book industry, indie artists, toy and collectibles dealers, original art dealers, and more, there’s something for everyone at NYCF– and this year in particular, there’s plenty for Bat-fans! Notable guests at this year’s con include Scott Snyder, author of the current run of Batman in the New 52 (as well as such Bat-titles as The Black Mirror and Gates of Gotham), Denny O’Neil, who (with artist Neal Adams) revolutionized the depiction of Batman in comics, former editor, publisher, and president of DC Comics Paul Levitz, and current Catwoman writer Ann Nocenti. Add to that a full panel on “Batman at 75: Then and Now” with Snyder, O’Neil, and Levitz, and you’ve got a recipe for a day any fan of the Caped Crusader would love!

Check back in the coming weeks for coverage of some of Snyder’s Batman titles in particular, and of course for our coverage of New York Comic Fest itself on Saturday June 14!

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