What the Bat Dragged In 3/9/2014

Welcome to “What the Bat Dragged In”!

In this new From the Batcave feature, we’ll be showcasing some quick links to news pieces that slipped by during the week, making sure you get the full run of all the Batman news that’s out there! So read on, and see What the Bat Dragged In this week:


Under Armour Releases Batman Cleats & Shirts: As part of their “Alter Ego” Line, Under Armour has debuted new cleats and shirts featuring superhero logos, particularly that of the Dark Knight. Comics Alliance.

Affleck’s Trainer Gives Batman vs. Superman Training Update: Rehan Jalali, who worked with Ben Affleck on The Town and is now helping him train for BvS, tweeted the following on Wednesday (via Batman News):

Captain America 3 to Share Batman vs. Superman Release Date: Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige revealed that the company had no plans to move the film’s release away from May 6, 2016. The Hollywood Reporter.

via usatoday.com

via usatoday.com

Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman to Write Batman ’66 and Green Hornet Crossover:  The bi-weekly series will run for 12 issues and be available digitally first on May 21, and in comic shops on June 4. USA Today.

“BIG Batman 75th Anniversary Story” Coming This July, Says Peter Tomasi: “I’m sure DC will be announcing [it] in a month or so” the Batman and Robin author added. Newsarama,

That’s it for this week, but check back next Friday evening and all through the week for more news From the Batcave, and be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates!

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