New “Arkham Knight” Video Focuses on Animation & Motion Capture



It looks like the news is just going to keep rolling in about Arkham Knight! In a video posted earlier today, Game Informer talked with Zafer Coban, Lead Animator at Rocksteady Studios, about the work that Rocksteady has put toward creating the latest Batman game. In the video, Coban mentioned that there’s been “a lot of work going into the combat, a lot of work going into the predator, a lot more super villains, a lot of work going into just general NPC’s running about and trying to bring the city to life.” He also added that we’ll be seeing some “new elements” in the game like weapon stealing and environmental takedowns, and promised “a lot more detail, a lot more polish” in the art, with more seamless transition between cutscene and gameplay.

Coban then proceeded to discuss the process of using motion capture to render certain parts of Arkham Knight. Here he was joined by Cinematic Director Paul Bolden, who offered a look at a scene in the clocktower between Oracle and Batman. While the video is not available for embedding at the moment, you can take a look at it here.

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Source: GameInformer

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