Arkham Knight– A Theory on Which Original Rocksteady Character is Under the Mask



As you may already know, Batman: Arkham Knight will feature an original villain created by Rocksteady Games, the Arkham Knight. The folks over at the Batman subreddit have been going crazy trying to decipher the identity of the character, as has much of the internet, but among the chaos people have been suggesting that the Knight could be anyone from Jason Todd to Hush to the corpse of the Joker. However, they’ve all been ignoring the obvious, that Rocksteady has said time and time again that the Arkham Knight is a character completely created by them, and I believe it. In fact, I think we’ve already encountered the man who will call himself the Arkham Knight in the new game– I think he’s been around since Arkham Asylum



Remember these? Scanning stones like these back in Arkham Asylum revealed details about the “Spirit of Amadeus Arkham,” and giving such messages from the so-called “Spirit” as the following:

  • “These animals cannot be cured. Like dogs, they only respond to discipline. And if that fails, then I was afraid that these accidents would have to continue.”
  • “I took my frustrations out on a lone patient. His case notes suggested he was a paranoid schizophrenic. His pleas as I beat him to death suggested much more. His confessions were illuminating. My path was clear.”
  • “I sought counsel from my priest on the choices I had made. I asked him if it was a sin to kill in order to save a life. The holy man said all life was sacred, but a judgment would not be upon my soul if I acted to save another. I left the confessional with my soul uplifted, convinced more than ever I am doing a service not only to mankind, but to God as well.”
  • “How can I let a dirty animal live? He is the cancer I have sworn to protect the city from.”
  • “He watched as I entered the cell. He smiled as I showed him the knife. I told him how I will use it. How I will cleanse this city. And then terror.”
  • “I am the spirit of Amadeus Arkham. Even though Amadeus had long since passed, his spirit lived on, surviving, moving through the walls of his asylum. When it chose me, I felt proud. I was honored to continue his work. To cleanse this city. If you are strong-willed enough to follow my tales, you are strong-minded enough to deduce my identity. Come and find me, friend. Together, we will save Gotham.”

Certainly sounds like the “Spirit of Arkham” would be the type to become the militaristic anti-Batman that the Arkham Knight is supposed to be… I wonder who the “Spirit” was anyway…



Oh right… Quincy Sharp. The warden of Arkham Asylum and mayor of Arkham City. A character who, according to the Batman Wiki, “first appeared in Arkham Asylum,” therefore making him an original character by Rocksteady. This, combined with his desire to cleanse Gotham by any means necessary, makes him a perfect candidate to be the man behind the Arkham Knight persona, especially because nobody will be expecting it. Now, I could be wrong in this, but come October, I want you to remember– if Rocksteady keeps their word that the Arkham Knight is an original character, my money’s on Sharp. 

Got your own theory on the Arkham Knight? Let us know in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “Arkham Knight– A Theory on Which Original Rocksteady Character is Under the Mask

  1. I don’t think its him.If you read the his bio in Arkham City it say Hugo Strange hypnotized him to think he was the Arkham Spirit.


    • Also in his bio in Arkham City, though, it mentions his split personality disorder as a separate thing… but on top of that, there’s nothing to show that with Strange out of the picture, the aftereffects of the “Spirit of Arkham” drugs (or even the drugs themselves) could not still be affecting Sharp. Perhaps the condition has worsened without Strange to control it, leading to the Arkham Knight.


  2. he’s so old tho… how could he possibly match up to batman physically. also, he seems fairly pathetic mentally as well since batman easily terrifies him arkham city


    • I’d say we’ve probably got a robot suit kind of situation going on with the “Arkham Knight” outfit… enhancing physical abilities so he can go toe to toe with the Bat.

      As far as mental stability, maybe the whole “Spirit of Arkham” thing has gotten worse?


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