Video Games Week– Arkham Asylum Collector’s Edition

IMG_1659The Arkham Asylum Collector’s Edition offers quite the assortment of Batman memorabilia and real-life renderings of in-game material. This is a look at the physical elements of the Collector’s Edition– for a review of the game itself, click here. The Collector’s Edition includes the following (click for larger images):


A Case with the Game’s Logo


A Replica of the In-Game Batarang (with Stand)


Arkham Asylum Logo Sticker and Instruction Manual


A Leatherbound Arkham Asylum Journal featuring the In-Game Files on the Asylum’s Most Famous Patients


Game Disc and a Bonus Behind-the-Scenes DVD

Particularly notable out of these items is the DVD, which contains about an hour of content, showcasing all of Arkham Asylum‘s trailers as well as featurettes about such elements of the game as its look, sound, and cinematics. Also worth mentioning: the Batarang is permanently attached to its stand, and it’s made of plastic. While these elements of the replica may be different from what some might expect, the Batarang is nonetheless a great display item, which was clearly what it was made to be. (In fact, it stands particularly well beside the grapnel replica from Arkham Origins.)

All in all, this collector’s edition is well-worth the roughly $40 it currently goes for on Amazon, even if you already have the game and especially so if you’re a Bat-fan who hasn’t picked up Asylum yet. The Arkham Asylum Collector’s Edition is available for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. 

Make sure to keep up with the “Video Games Week From the Batcave coverage, and check back later today for posts about Arkham City.

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