New York Toy Fair 2014: DC Comics 11″ UglyDolls by Gund


One of my favorite Batman product lines showcased at the 2014 New York Toy Fair was Gund’s 11″ UglyDoll lineup. Based on classic superheroes from DC Comics like Batman and Robin (among others), the plush toys are a great homage to the comics and characters we all know and love. 


DC COMICS – Blue Batman Ice Bat features my favorite Batsuit– the iconic blue and grey suit popularized by Neal Adams and Denny O’Neil in the 70’s. UglyDoll’s Ice Bat looks great in the outfit, and the plush is quite a nice addition to any Bat-Fan’s collection. 


DC Comics – Robin Wedgehead, part of the most recent wave of DC Comics-inspired UglyDolls, uses the classic Dick Grayson Robin costume of the same era to render the Robin everyone knows best as only UglyDoll can. Wedgehead was a good choice for Robin, and the plush is a natural fit beside the Batman Ice Bat (particularly the blue one!)


DC COMICS – Black Batman Ice Bat appears to borrow from Batman’s costume in the New 52, bringing it in line with the current run of Batman comics. As with the Blue Batman Ice Bat, UglyDoll definitely went with the right character from their lineup for this plush. 

UglyDoll’s Batman-inspired DC Comics plush are soft, great quality, and perfect for Bat-fans of all ages. They are durable and cuddly, and an excellent choice for the young and young at heart alike!

Disclosure: UglyDolls provided by Gund for review purposes. No other compensation was provided for this review. All opinions are those of Louis Sullivan; contact me at

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