Arkham Knight Announcement, Potential Release Date

Earlier today, GameInformer dropped the news we’ve all been waiting for– the next installment of the Arkham series is indeed on the way, and will be titled Batman: Arkham Knight. There is already a trailer for the game, included above, but though the trailer’s end simply states “Coming in 2014,” there may be a more specific release date nailed down already. The pre-order page at Gamestop claims that the game will be out on October 14th. The date is corroborated by an Amazon pre-order page that also lists the release as October 14th. While the dates on these sites can sometimes be placeholders, different websites (particularly Amazon) use different placeholder dates, and an October release is standard for the Arkham games.

GameInformer has also noted that among the villains Batman will face are those shown in the trailer (namely Two-Face, Penguin, and Harley Quinn) but also another face we didn’t see, no matter how much some of us have wanted to since Arkham Asylum— Scarecrow. Will his appearance pick up some of the loose threads involving him from the previous Arkham installments, like the stinger where his hand grabs a box of Titan in Arkham Asylum, or the mysterious allusions to a “City of Fear” in Arkham City? I suppose we’ll have to wait ’till October to see…

Arkham Knight is set to release this year for PC and next-generation consoles only.

Source: Game Informer

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