Kickstarter Film “The Cape Creator” to Honor Bill Finger



As you may know, Bill Finger is the man responsible for most of what we presently associate with the character of Batman. From the cowl to a number of important villains and side characters, Finger was there from the beginning and created a great deal of the Batman lore, but to this day receives little to no credit for it.

However, many Bat-fans want to change that, and the latest push to get some recognition for Finger comes from the Comic Arts Council, who are using Kickstarter to fund “The Cape Creator,” a fan-made documentary about this unsung hero. The documentary, set to feature interviews with some of Bill Finger’s surviving relatives as well as important figures from Batman‘s history like Denny O’Neil, Michael Uslan, and more. The project only has about two weeks left and still has a lot of its goal to meet, but hopefully we’ll soon see the complete documentary and some justice done for Bill Finger.

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Source: Comics Alliance

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