Bruce Timm and Paul Dini’s Take on Their Legacy



Paul Dini and Bruce Timm spoke with USA Today recently about the new action figures based on Batman: the Animated Series, the TV show the duo created. They revealed some insights about their work on the show, and how they feel they have affected the Batman mythology and fanbase. Dini in particular was humble about the series’ origins:

“It’s your turn — forgive the pun — at bat. This is your chance to do the Batman you want to do. When you have a character who’s as rich as Batman and there’s such a varied and colorful world and so many creative people who were just itching to do a show like this, it couldn’t help but be something unique.”

Timm, too, explained that it was refreshing to put a personal stamp on the Batman legacy:

“We had the luxury of looking back over the 50 years of Batman and it was the best R&D lab ever. We could see what worked and what didn’t, what kind of worked and what we could improve on.”

Ultimately, Timm and Dini took the blank slate they were afforded when kicking off the animated series, and created something that has become a timeless piece of Batman’s history.

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Source: Comic Book Movie

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