DC Collectibles’ Toy Fair 2014 Preview

via toyassociation.org

via toyassociation.org

With the 2014 New York Toy Fair right around the corner, DC Collectibles is getting ready by showing off plenty of new action figures, statues, and more! The following are some of the more exciting offerings (particularly the Batman-related ones)– hopefully I’ll be able to put up some photos of these figures at the fair soon!


New Batman Adventures Batman


Batman: The Animated Series Catwoman

Son-Of-Batman-Batman-Figure-DC-Collectibles-Toy-Fair-2014Son of Batman Batman


Son of Batman Damian Wayne RobinDC-Designers-Batman-Thrasher-Armor-Figure-Capullo-DC-Collectibles-Toy-Fair-2014

DC Designers: Greg Capullo Batman Thrasher ArmorInfinite-Crisis-Pajama-Wearing-Harley-Quinn-Figure-DC-Collectibles-Toy-Fair-2014

Infinite Crisis Harley Quinn (in Pajamas)Blocky-Wood-Batman-Figure-DC-Collectibles-Toy-Fair-2014

Blocky Wood BatmanBatman-Lil-Gotham-Batman-Figure-DC-Collectibles-Toy-Fair-2014

Li’l Gotham BatmanBatman-Lil-Gotham-Robin-Figure-DC-Collectibles-Toy-Fair-2014

Li’l Gotham RobinBatman-Lil-Gotham-Harley-Quinn-Figure-DC-Collectibles-Toy-Fair-2014

Li’l Gotham Harley QuinnBatman-Lil-Gotham-Joker-Figure-DC-Collectibles-Toy-Fair-2014

Li’l Gotham JokerGotham-Poker-Set-DC-Collectibles-Toy-Fair-2014

(Bat)man Cave Poker Set


(Bat)man Cave Dart Board Set

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Source: Comics Alliance

All images not otherwise listed via comicsalliance.com

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