“Gotham” casts Alfred, Penguin, Essen, and Barbara Kean

Entertainment Weekly reported about an hour ago that four more roles have been filled in the upcoming Batman prequel Gotham, set to air on Fox next fall. According to the magazine’s website, you can expect the following on your TV screen when the show airs:


via actorstheatre.org

Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin): 

“[with] the brains of a chess grandmaster and the morals of a jackal, Oswald Cobblepot is a low-level psychopath for gangster Fish Mooney who hides his sadistic lust for power behind an exquisitely polite demeanor.”

Taylor looks a bit more like Emperor Penguin than Cobblepot to me, but he nonetheless seems like a good pick.

via imdb.com

via imdb.com

Zabryna Guevara as Captain Sarah Essen:

 “Gordon’s boss at the GCPD Homicide Squad, Captain Essen balances the two worlds of police and politics with a Machiavellian skill that’s as much corporate litigator as cop.”

With previous credits on Burn Notice, Law & Order, and CSI, Guevara seems a shoe-in for the no-nonsense Essen, and the presence of the character alone seems to hint that we may see a Jim Gordon love triangle a la Year Oneespecially considering that Gotham will also feature…

via rottentomatoes.com

via rottentomatoes.com

Erin Richards as Barbara Kean:

 “A sophisticated emergency room doctor, Barbara is the fiancée of James Gordon, joyful but with an edge of vulnerability. She stands by her future husband…which can be difficult in a world as corrupt as Gotham.”

It’s interesting that they’re making Barbara and Jim not married yet, but still throwing Essen into the mix… just another sign of the story tweaking that’s going into this show, though not necessarily a bad idea. After all, the potential for drama in this storyline could at the very least hint that we’ll be spending quite a bit of time with Jim and co. at the GCPD, and that’s a step in the right direction. Finally, we’ve got

via imdb.com

via imdb.com

Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth: 

“A tough-as-nails ex-marine from East London, Alfred Pennyworth has loyally served the Waynes. Now, in the wake of their tragic deaths, he’s fiercely protective of the young Bruce Wayne.”

This looks more like an Earth One Alfred, but I have less than no problem with that, as Batman: Earth One is one of my favorite interpretations of the Batman origin. Also, with a younger Alfred who’s presumably well-trained in combat, could we perhaps see him as an early teacher for Bruce?

Only time will tell, when Fox’s Gotham airs in fall 2014.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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