Will Arnett of “The Lego Movie” has Batman Advice for Affleck


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As you may know, The Lego Movie (which is shaping up to be the highest-rated Batman movie yet) hit theaters today. In light of the release Will Arnett, who plays the Caped Crusader in the film, spoke to Yahoo! Movies Canada about his take on Batman, and offered some advice for the next actor to don the cowl, Ben Affleck. 

“The only advice I could give Affleck is that he doesn’t need any advice from me. He’s a very talented and successful dude, and great filmmaker and actor. But you know, from my experience of being part of this – and I’m sure that he realizes this now – Batman is a very revered iconic character. It’s a great responsibility in this culture to be associated with him or to be carrying that torch – whatever capacity you carry it in. Even as the Lego Batman, even that is a tremendous responsibility that I take very seriously, and I recommend he do the same.”

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Source: Yahoo! Movies Canada

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